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February 28, 2017

Energy poverty in pilot regions

December 18, 2014

Identifying the right households, accessing channels to reach them and engaging the right actors is an important challenge. The local situations differ and this is why each of the targeted areas needs a proper exploration. REACH partners teamed up with the local actors to find out what works best for each of the pilot regions.

REACH covers 5 pilot regions: Plovdiv in Bulgaria, Sisačko-moslavačka county in Croatia, Skopje in Macedonia and the regions of Zasavje and Pomurje in Slovenia. In each of these pilot areas the partners and local stakeholders explored the local situation in regard to the energy poverty to understand the scope and the depth of the problem in the area. Then, through consultations with local actors and target groups, local communication plans for reaching out were designed.

Here is what the partners found out about energy poverty in the pilot areas: