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February 28, 2017

Energy advising visits in Zasavje region, Slovenia

April 22, 2015

From November 2014 onwards high school students are implementing visits in energy poor houeholds in Slovenian Zasavje region. Region includes three municipalities: Hrastnik, Trbovlje and Zagorje ob Savi.

There are various stakeholders included and active in this project: all three municipalities, three Youth Centres, three Social Work Centres and Technical and Vocational High School Trbovlje (STPŠ Trbovlje). They all support the idea and are very keen on helping the project’s implementation in the region.

16 students from STPŠ Trbovlje were selected to be part of the project and to perform energy advising in energy poor households. Training for them was held in October 2014. From then on visits in the form of energy advising in households are ongoing. Students are visiting households in pair and it is expected that until April more than 80 households will be visited. For now, all visited households were very satisfied with the service and the energy saving devices they got.

Another generation of Zasavje’s students – energy advisers will be part of the project from September 2015 onwards.