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February 28, 2017

A research article on REACH published in journal Sociology and Anthropology

September 6, 2016

The article titled Energy Poverty: Practical and Structural Solutions for South-East Europe and written by Lidija Živčič, Tomislav Tkalec and Slavica Robić was published in an international peer-reviewed journal Sociology and Anthropology. All three authors are part of the REACH project team.

reach reseach article

Focus of this article is put on the issue of energy poverty in South-East Europe (SEE). It presents findings of a research undertaken in Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia and Slovenia, where project REACH is being implemented. The article includes an extensive analysis of the concept and the methodology of the REACH project, which incorporates practical measures for alleviating energy poverty in the form of energy audits and advising in the households, as well as demands and proposals for structural measures at the policy level. By implementing activities under the project REACH it has proven to be likely that through provision of energy advising and implementation of simple energy efficiency measures, households’ energy consumption can be reduced up to 10% and water consumption up to 18%. Results are also indicating that policies focusing on energy efficiency measures are likely to be the best mechanism for alleviating energy poverty.

You can find more information and findings in the article itself. It was published under open access and can be found here.