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February 28, 2017

Project REACH’s policy recommendations for fighting energy poverty in SEE

February 16, 2017

After discussions with decision-makers and other interested stakeholders, project REACH partners have launched their policy recommendations for tackling the problem of energy poverty in South-East Europe.

The recommendations first focus on the importance of defining energy poverty as a challenge which needs to be addressed. Next, the document presents the specifics of energy poverty in the SEE region and suggests ways in which to define and monitor the indicators necessary for understanding its extent in SEE. Energy efficiency measures are highlighted as an essential step in abating energy poverty since their benefits have been proven to work.

Recommendations also stress that it is important to educate and raise awareness in order to contribute to improved energy efficiency in SEE. Finally, it is recommended that financial and other support schemes are initiated with the goal of abating energy poverty.

The policy recommendations in their entirety are now available for reading below as they are communicated to the relevant policy makers and stakeholders.

Energy Poverty in South-East Europe: Challenges and Possible Solutions. Policy Recommendations

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